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M's thought

Thoughts about art and life intertwined
20161201 ink 29,5 x 39 cm


  • Monique Tolk graduated in Film Science from the University of Amsterdam in 1997 with a research into the video clips about pop phenomenon Madonna. She reached the (inter)national media, including an invitation in the Barend en Witteman program and a mention in The New York Times and Herald Tribune. 

    She was also a journalist/copywriter at various editorial offices and she started her own text agency FineLine. 

    After studying autonomous visual art and photography at the KABK in The Hague for some time, she increasingly focused on writing about visual art. At the moment she mainly works on prose. 

    Monique sets out her thoughts on art in a series of articles called 'M's thought'.

Monique Tolk

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